Daily Batumi Culture Tour

Moving from Rize every Wednesday – Saturday and Sunday at 07.30.

We reach Sarp Borderline by passing Çayeli, Pazar, Ardeşen, Fındıklı, Arhavi and Hopa. After our customs clearance, we are moving to Batum, which is the administrative center and an important port city of Adjara. Our first stop will be the statues of Saint Matthias and Saint Andrea which are the two apostles of Jesus Christ. After this, we get recommended amount of Georgian currency Lari for our spendings on souvenirs etc.

We continue to see the panorama of Gonya- Apsaros castle. We visit Adjara History and Ethnography museum located in Batumi city with our guide and have knowledge about the old and new culture of the people of the region. After the museum, we visit Virgin Mary’s Cathedral. After our visit to Cathedral, we visit Batumi Bothanical Park which was founded by Botanist Prof. Krasnov on a 1080 acre of area and has over 4000 plants from 5 continent and 80 countries. After our enchanting nature trip, we take our buffet lunch at our 5 star hotel in Batumi city center. After dinner we start to walk in Batumi streets to see Batum culture and architecture closely. Respectively; Port, Turkish Street, Central Batumi Mosque, Piazza Delta, European Square-Medea Statue, Theater Building – Poseidon Statue and Batum Bulvarı.

There are opportunities to have tea and coffee at the beach, such as the nearby Alphabetical Tower, Ottoman Lighthouse, Ali & Nino Love Sculpture, Giant Ferris Wheel, and Manzara Hill.

Then we watch the water, sound, light and laser demonstrations starting from the boulevard with the darkening of the air. After the demonstrations, we are moving towards Sarp border gate via the coast. On our way back we will be able to see the beauties such as Nurigeli Lake, Up & Down, Collesium, Aquapark, Airport Tower. Finally, after we turn the Lari into Turkish lira, we move to Sarp border gate with our passports and do our customs procedures and move to Rize.

Bright Road – St. Andrew Statue
Gönye – Apsaros Castle (Panoramic)
Adjara History & Ethnography Museum
Virgin Mary Cathedral
Botanical Park
Port, Turkish Street – Batumi Central Mosque
Piazza Square – Greek Church
European Square -Medea
Batum Boulevard; Marriage Hall – Acropolis – Dockyard – Alphabetical Tower –
Ottoman Lighthouse- Ali & Nino Love Statue Statue
Theater Square – Poseidon Statue
Ferris wheel- Cable Car
Water, Sound, Light and Laser Shows

Price per Person: 99 Turkish Liras
Free for 0-7 Ages
75 Turkish Liras for 7-11 Ages

Transportation with Luxury Vehicles
Professional Guidance Service
5 * Open Buffet Lunch at the Hotel
In-Vehicle Treats
Border exit Fee


Botanical Park (8 LARI)
Ethnography Museum (3 LARI)
Boat Tour (10 LARI) – Our guide will guide you on the days when weather conditions are convenient.
Cable Car (10 LARI)
Ferris Wheel (3 LARİ)

* Since our region is one of the places where our country receives the most rainfall, all day tours have raincoats.


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